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Although I do not yet have enough reliable information concerning the relevant characteristics of the UFO phenomenon with which to form a scientific judgment of its “core” identity, I do believe that the phenomenon is objectively real; i.e., I believe that the many thousands of eyewitnesses around the world are experiencing UFO phenomenon in a manner very similar to the way any other human with normal sensory capabilities would perceive it if they happened to be present.”
Richard Haines, Ph.D.
NASA scientist & UFO researcher,
Author of several books on UFOs,
specialist on pilot UFO sightings


The Letter from Richard Haines, Ph.D. . .

                                                                          325 Langton Avenue
                                                                          Los Altos, CA 94022  USA
Sr. Edwin V. Gatia                                               October 13, 1987
Philippine Center for UFO Research
Montevista Astronomical Observatory
12 Blk 6, PHHC
Bacolod City, Philippines 6001
Dear Sr. Gatia:
    Your letter of October 6, 1987 and accompanying items arrived today and
I am writing to thank you for them all.  Your prompt and complete reply to my
survey is greatly appreciated.  And I was delighted also to receive information
concerning pilot sightings from the Philippines.  My own studies continue
on the various statistical patterns that are emerging from my data base of over
3,000 pilot reports.  I am now preparing a book whcih will summarize the best
hundred or so reports.
    For your possible future use, I have taken liberty of enclosing a
copy of the special pilot reporting form I use in my studies.  Please feel free
to use in any way you think is appropriate.  You may copy it, modify it, etc.
to suit your own research.  I do ask that you send me a copy of any future
forms that are completed by pilots.  In this way we both may profit.  You will
find that all its questions are important to our understanding of the core identity
of the UFO phenomenon.
    Also enclosed is an advertising flyer for a book which I published two
months ago.  It is a true account of the now famous Frederick Valentich
disappearance in October 1978 south of Melbourne Australia.  I had studied this
mystery for so long and had collected so much information that I finally just
put it all together in book form.  It was eventually published.  It costs
$12.95 US plus postage and many people have told me it is well done.
    Finally, if ou would be so kind, I would very much appreciate your sending
me a xerox copy of any files involving pilots which you may have.  Of course I
will be glad to repay all copying charges.  I can have text translated into
English if that is necessary.  I have good friends who are translators on
Capul (Philippines) for the Wycliffe Bible Translators and who are fluent in
your language.  My thanks for your consideration of this request.  I will close
for now by sending my greetings and best wishes.  Let us collaborate together
around the world on this great mystery of our tines.
Very sincerely,
Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.
cc: files


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